J. Curtaz



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I approach my work as a series of moving puzzles, ones that are not just made up of pieces, but pieces within pieces, interacting in ways both intentional and not. I play with flow — the flow of shadow, of light, of the direction something is drawn in.  I play with abstraction and hyper-realism, light and reflection, surface and depth. In this way, my work is inspired by faceted glass, or how rippling water changes and moves, how it is transparent and substantive at the same time. Even those elements of my work that I am currently ignoring or overlooking are never static. I can only pay attention to so many specifics at one time. And drawings have a life of their own. Things happen whether I’m paying immediate attention to them or not. More than controlling every aspect of a drawing I set ideas in motion.

All of these pieces are made up objects with recurring patterns. I am interested in using these objects to draw other images. Although I am using sweaters and pinecones, I am interested in the swirls and fractal-like patterns, the abstract grids and giant fingerprints that result. I am interested in combining the patterns that do exist in a hydrangea blossom into drawings that resembles smudges and translucent sea creatures. I use the layering of repetitive pattern to draw unforeseen abstract shapes as well as highly planned lines, arcs and spheres. I like this interaction between the accidental and the intentional. It mirrors my own jumbled thought processes, encompassing the different ideas that flow through my head as I draw.



Cellular/Molecular, EKG Space, 3600 Market St., Philadelphia, PA April 16-June 9, 2013


Sea and Sky, Liz Afif Galler, 53 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA, June 7-June 28


That's for Remembrance, Offramp Gallery, 1702 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA, June 23-July 28


Under the Sun's Glare, Charles Hartman Fine Art, 134 NW 8th Ave, Portland OR, July 3-July 31


Cable Knit 7, 22" x 22", graphite on gessoed paper, 2011